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    LG Revolution 3G connectivity issues


      I got my LG Revo on the 8th of July and have enjoyed the 4G connectivity when I am in a 4G area.  However, I live in a 3G ONLY area which is where I spend most of my time.  While at home using 3G, I have problems using various apps. I've tried cycling the 3G data connection using various methods including, turning on and off data, roaming, CDMA only, power off/on, airplane mode off/on.


      -Google Reader (and any other RSS reader in the market) does not sync on 3G. I get "no connection, retry" every single time I access the app.


      -When Google Reader syncs in a 4G area and allows feed to be read in 3G only area, clicking on a link in a story that takes me to stock browser will cause the browser to either take over 5+ minutes to load or time out completely with nothing loaded on the screen.  But using stock browser by directly tapping browser app icon functions normally in a 3G connection with random web pages loading slowly.


      -Google+ gives error that no connection to google servers could be established.


      -the stock weather widget does not update and gives a "no connection" error


      -a location based game in a 3G area, the great land grab, loads the google map very slowly over 2 to 3 minutes, where as on my Motorola Droid, it would load in less than 30 seconds.


      -Facebook for Android sometimes does not update, I usually have to force update by switching between 'most recent' and 'top news'.


      -not pushing email


      My wife's Charge maintains a constant 3G connection and she does not have the same issues as me.  Additionally, we use a mifi as our main source of internet connection for out home network computers/printers.  The mifi is always on 3G and maintains connection.  Connecting LG Revo using wifi to the mifi will allow me to sync my feed, but using only 3G will not.


      Other issues I've had with the LG Revo was not receiving some phone calls for about 4 days and having about 8 to 10 random reboots...with the last being on Sunday.  I've reset the phone back to factory condition once already and have not had any more reboots, but the 3G connectivity is still an issue.


      Anyone else have any similar 3G connectivty issues? Any solutions anyone else has tried?

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          I live in Bedford, MA and I am on the edge of 4G coverage.  But I would not care if I had 4G if I could just solve the data drop problem.  I have had my new phone since July 3rd.  I find turning it off and on sometimes helps.  I just got rid of a BB Storm 2.  It ran as slow as molasses.  I have issues with calls dropping but that was also a proble with the BB.  I called Verizon tech support they had me pull the battery what a pain in neck.  I had an app for my BB that did the same thing.  If fact I had it set to run everyday at the same time.  I looked in the market place for something similar with no luck.  Any ideas I have the same problem with the phone showing a reasonable signal in fact sometimes even 4G and still no data.  Thanks

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            My revo has the same exact problem. My google reader and Google voice only syncs on wifi and my revo for the last couple of days will not connect to 3 g at all where my wives droid 2 is connecting fine

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              After some more researching on the web to see if anyone else is reporting the same. I found that one person was having trouble with Google Voice and it had something to do with the DNS server that Verizon was trying to communicate to but was not connecting.  Reason given was that Verizon was still using an old AAAA (?) file to communicate to the Google servers and would time out.  I wonder if this would be the same problem for all similar Google services.


              It does not matter which RSS reader I use, which ever I use to try and sync with Google Reader on 3G connection it will not work.


              I've tried battery pulls, turning on/off, airplane mode to trick the data connection, turning data connection on/off and nothing works to maintain a 3G connection without timing out in those instances mentioned above.



              Hopefully something will be found to resolve this or an update pushed out.  2.3 perhaps?

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                Here is the link to the post I was mentioning above about Verizon having the wrong file to communicate with Google.





                After re-reading, rooting is required to fix it and I am not going to do that to get the phone to work properly....it should right out of the box.