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    Verizon Customers Lied to re: iPad 2 shipping dates


      Upon entering Verizon store at 5pm on Mar. 11th, I was told they would ship the iPad  2 immediately (specifically by 2 day Fed Ex) and I would receive it "Tuesday or Wednesday" of this week.

      Today, March 17 - I went into Verizon store and was told that the product would be shipped in "2 or 3 weeks". When I related what I was told PRIOR to purchasing the product, I was told the person who related that information was "just a greeter and is no longer working for us."  I told the Asst mgr that since managment  trains the employees, what customers are told is representative of his company and that his excuse was not valid.

      He then switched the accountability to Apple, since Apple will be shipping the product. In other words, Verizon did not have the product in stock on the release date and is now claiming they cannot control the date that Apple ships. Isn't this called "bait and switch" now that they have my $800??

      BTW, if that amount is charged to my credit card even ONE day prior to the product being shipped, I will contact my state attorney general, as charging for a product that is not in stock and has not been shipped is illegal is most states.

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          It's not just you. I was told the same thing, so was EVERY person I talked to and they were not 'greeters'. Monday Verizon took my $800 from my account and I am STILL waiting to find out when it ships. I have NEVER been charged before immediate shipment and am very upset. If i find on my option is to return the one Verizon eventually sends me and pay a $70 restocking fee and yes, Monday I am contacting my Attorney General.

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            Me too. Stores opened that evening at 5pm, and my wife went to our local Verizon store to see if they had stock. This was 6pm, one hour after they started selling them. They were out of in-store stock already, no surprise. The salesperson told her that the warehouse had them in stock, and that she could have one shipped immediately, for next day (Saturday) delivery by noon. She asked for the MANAGER to come out and verify, and he did. His words to her - "it'll DEFINATELY ship for tomorrow, but the WORST CASE SCENARIO is that it will be there Monday morning, if FedEx messes up the shipment"

            Turns out the warehouse didn't have nearly enough stock to cover that day's orders, and here I am nearly a week later and nothing has shipped. Not only that, but they have absolutely no idea when the warehouse will receive stock, let alone fulfill the Day 1 orders. The MANAGER of the store was dishonest about available stock, and took my money BEFORE shipping the product, and still HAS my money even though I have no merchandise and no estimate even of knowing when the merchandise will arrive.

            Very unhappy with Vizon for dishonest and greedy business practice.
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              I could spit I'm so frustrated. SHould have ordered through Apple, they are comping Leather Smartcovers and upgrading to overnight shipping. Verizon gives me "Sorry."

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                and just to be clear, it's not the wait time. It's not even the bungling of the order, the misinformation that ires me, it's the fact they TOOK my money and have no iPads nor any idea of when they will go out. So I can't cancel, nor can I buy elsewhere. I was really understanding up until that point. I can't imagine my customers putting up with that.

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                  Exactly. Waiting is OK if that's the deal with a high-demand product. It's the disinformation that burns me!

                  Just called the 800-number (800-922-0204), and was bumped up the supervisor line. Ended up being told that orders placed on the 11th and PAID that day would be shipping "By March 25". Another WEEK! Holy crap. Should've ordered through Apple, and didn't because Verizon promised to have it here Saturday the 12th, and Monday the 14th "worst case scenario". Whatever.

                  I hope Verizon reads these forums, along with many other people. I'll never purchase anything from them again.
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                    The 25th! This is insane!  I was just told today that mine was Pending Shipping and would go out two weeks from order date. ANother lie, from CS AND the Verizon store here in Arlington. What are we supposed to do? WHat if it goes to a month?! And the only way to cancel IS TO RETURN THE THING and pay restocking!

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                      I called CS last night and he told me that my order was pending and they were on back order.  Then told me that the normal line that they would be sent out 2 - 3 weeks from order date.  


                      What really makes me mad is that the 1 year MFG warranty is from order date not receive date.  So I am out 2 - 3 weeks of my 52 week warranty before I even get to use it   :smileymad:

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                        Here is the thing, CS CAN NOT access your order unless you ordered it online through them. If you ordered through a store they are going on....


                        What the store told them.


                        Yep. They aren't looking at anything on that screen other then a note from the store. Call the store and you just have to take their word it's pending. Mine has been "pending" since Tuesday morning and EVERY rep I have spoken too was surprised my card had been charged when shipping was not immediate.


                        In my world "Pending shipping." is not in two to three weeks. 


                        Never. Again.


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                          Let's be real here... Verizon's customer service and local stores are dealing with the backlash of Verizon's greed.  Verizon allowed their current customers to wait in line, when they knew there was limited product available, in order to capture revenue.  I've talked to customer service, and sent an e-mail through the site, but haven't gotten a response yet.  If I don't have a response by the end of the day, my business is going to AT&T.        


                          My problem is even more disappointing.  I stood in line last Friday, only to discover the store only had 3 ipads, like everyone else I was assured that they would arrive to us by Tuesday if we placed the order in then.  My rep told me he would call to make sure it was okay and there were no problems (I still haven't heard from him).  


                          So Monday arrives, and I call the store for a shipping number, but they don't have ANY information so I call customer service.  This time I'm told the shipments are taking 2-3 weeks!  The rep says he will find out more and call me back.  He does call back the following day, this time to say my order was placed incorrectly as an accessory, so he CANCELLED it, and now I'll have to ORDER AGAIN.  After he transfers me to a telesales rep, I find out the rep made a mistake, and the original order WAS CORRECT, but it's already cancelled so I will indeed have to order again which means my shipping date will be even later still.  


                           Yes, they charged my check card before shipping, so until this morning, they've had $1700 of my money tied up because of their mistakes.  For the moment, they still have $871 of my money.  

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