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    The not so INCREDIBLE... HTC Incredible Reboot Issue


      Sharing my experience:


      My incredible (purchased at the store this morning) kept rebooting... I took it back to the store and we tried three other phones and everyone of them would keep rebooting themselves... Another customer with one came in with the same issue while I was there (He got his in the mail)... However, two other customer phones in the same little store was not having the issue. I ended up just returning it... Guess I will wait until a fix is out or try another store... Seems like some type of activation issue since it didn't start rebooting itself until it was activated... The store was useless except for keep trying new phones.. They also stated nobody else in tech was aware of any issues... Kind of funny that I can find several forums with the problem posted already...
      If it didn't have the reboot issue, it looks and feels like a great phone.


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