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    Droid X - SD Card issue



      Droid X has been in use for 1 week now.  Have a possible issue with the SD card.  Yesterday I received a message on the upper left corner of the home screen that read "SD card removed"  I proceeded to restart the phone but the message remained.  I then unmounted the SD card, turned phone off, took out the battery and SD card, and restarted the phone, no message this time around with the SD card uninstalled.  Well, I reinstalled it and attempted to format it, but that option is ghosted out because I got the same message again "SD card removed".  Has anyone experienced this?  Any suggestions?

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          No but try going to a verizon retail store.
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            Could be bad/dmg card...

            if you have another card to test, i'd try that first

            insert and format and still if issue is still there


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              What size SD Card are you having the issue with?


              You say you attempted to format (on the phone?) but the format option grayed out. Did you do a format of the card on a computer?


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                * This is the original 16GB card the phone came with.

                * I have not reformated it on the computer, nor on the phone because the option is ghosted out. 



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                  Spoke to VZ customer service and they couldn't diagnose it over the phone, now it will not read the SD card at all, hopefully I did not lose my pictures.  Will take it to a VZ store on Saturday and see if they can help. 

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                    I would try another SD card.  If the device reads it then you know you have a bad memory card and it will need to be replaced.  If the device will not read a new SD card then you will know that it is an issue with the device.  If a memory card reader or your computer can't read the card unfortunately you will lose your information. 

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                      I have had the X for a little over a week now and am having the same issue. I don't want to re-format the card until I get home and make sure all my music and pic's are still on there. No the only problem I am having and have already called customer care to have a new phone sent to me. My screen goes black at random times and my touch screen never works without having to lock it at the top and un locking it over and over again for it to work.. I am starting to regret my decision..... I miss my Blackberry............!!

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                        I also had that problem with my Droid X straight out of the box. Bought it at Walmart on my lunch hour and didn't notice the warning at the top of the screen until I got back to work. It said missing SD card... then it said corrupt SD card and asked me if I wanted to format it. I took out the battery and reinstalled the card. I figured the person who activated my phone at Walmart messed with it when she put the battery in it. But a week and one day later it did the same thing, again. I had to reseat the card. And that's a pain when it's in a case. I think there's more to the story than a bad SD card...

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                          I had the same problem with my EnV Touch.  It was a defective SD port in the phone.  The card was fine.  The port where you put the card in the phone was bad.  Check the same for your phone.  If the problem is intermittent, then the connection is loose, it connects some times and not at others.  In any case, the phone hardware is the problem, not the card.  Your data on the card should be safe.


                          Your screen goes black when the automatic screen lock comes on when the back light times out.  Turn off the automatic screen lock if you are tired of always unlocking the screen all the time, however, remember to lock it when you put the phone down or your phone will be doing strange things when you put it in your case.

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